Welcome to Christian Union Church of God!

We are passionate about reaching souls for Jesus Christ, and everything we do is about Him. We are a local church with a family mentality. Our focus is on being a dynamic church that reaches out with the love of Christ to those lost and hurting in our community. Our church vision is that We are more than a Church, We are a Family!

Our Values
  • We believe in the biblical foundation that salvation is available for all who believe and call on the name of Jesus.
  • We believe discipleship is vital and necessary to encourage a growing relationship with Christ for all ages in all stages of life.
  • We believe in the power and obedience of prayer, and that it is more than a church function; it is a daily, personal connection with the Father.
  • We believe worship is more than a simple action or song service; it is about honor, praise, and shifting the focus from us to God.
  • We believe in embodying faith, hope, and love, through the example of Jesus, for a community of hurting people.